Invited Speaker I


Prof. Chiharu Ishii

Hosei University, Japan

Chiharu Ishii received his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Sophia University, Japan in 1997. He worked at Ashikaga Institute of Technology between 1997 and 2002, at Kogakuin University between 2002 and 2009, and at Shibaura Institute of Technology between 2009 and 2010. He has been working at Hosei University since 2010, and currently working as a Professor with the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Science and Engineering at Hosei University. Dr. Chiharu Ishii has received several awards such as The Best Paper Award in the area of Tactile and Haptic Interfaces at the 4th International Conference on Human System Interaction (HSI 2011); Best Paper Award at the 1st International Conference on Computer Science, Electronics and Instrumentation (ICCSE 2012); Best Presentation Award at the International Conference on Intelligent Mechatronics and Automation (ICIMA 2013); Excellent Oral Presentation Award, at the 4th International Conference on Soft Computing & Machine Intelligence (ISCMI 2017), Best Presentation Award, at the 2nd International Conference on Control, Robotics and Informatics (ICCRI 2019). He is currently a member of IEEE, SICE, JSME, RSJ, IEEJ and JSCAS. His research interests are in medical robotics, assistive technology and robust control.

Speech Title: "Development of Power Assist Suits for Aging Society"

Abstract: Recently, aging of society is progressing rapidly all over the world. Therefore, needs of nursing care for elderly people are increasing. In practice, however, 80% of caregivers have low back pain due to the nursing care such as transfer work. To help caregivers, many kinds of power assist suits have been developed, so far. However, conventional power assist suits have the following problems. Those are heavy, expensive and hard to put on the suit. Therefore, by following advices from caregivers who are working in nursing home, we developed a vest type power assist suit for the purpose of practical use in nursing care. The newly developed assist suit was termed "Cool Vest", which has characteristic that is lightweight, low cost and easy to put on and take off. On the other hand, also in agriculture or the construction site, low back pain becomes a problem due to aging of the worker. Therefore, we developed an outdoor type power assist suit to ease the burden on the waist for work in a half sitting posture, which was termed "Aero Back". Aero Back is commercially available now. In addition, other assist suits developed in my Laboratory, such as leg part exoskeleton and arm part exoskeleton for rehabilitation, and assist suit for walking support, are also introduced.